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How New York Cab Drivers Defy the Law

In a city as busy as New York, a taxi or car service ride may be the most effective and painless method of transportation. That's why approximately a half million cab trips are made each day. However, for the victims of accidents involving taxicabs and other cars, pedestrians, and bicyclists, assuming that a taxi cab is safe can be a mistake. There are approximately 11 NYC taxi and car service accidents reported each day.

Not All Cab Drivers Are Good

In light of the rise in the number of NYC taxi and car service accidents, studies have researched the reasoning and found that the quality of the driver is a main factor. "Good" cab drivers have worked full-time for several years, while part-time, new drivers, which are common due to New York City's high cab driver turnover rate, have violation rates that are five-and-a-half times greater than experienced full-time drivers. The NYC Taxicab Fact Book reports that only 30 percent of cab drivers on the road today have the experience necessary to make them "good."

Taxi Accidents Leave You Vulnerable

While many taxi companies carry large insurance policies, most keep just the minimum in bodily injury coverage for passengers. As per the rules of the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, most taxis carry $100,000 in liability insurance for single passengers, and $300,000 in liability insurance to be split amongst multiple passengers. If other pedestrians, motorists, or their passengers are involved in a NYC taxi accident, those figures must be split among them as well. While these totals seem low, they apply only to registered medallion cab services. Unauthorized cabs, which are rampant in the city, offer passengers only the protection of their state minimum motor vehicle liability coverage: that's just $25,000 for a single passenger, or $50,000 among multiple passengers. Because the number of cabs carrying multiple passengers doubles during morning and evening rush hour, the time when you need a cab the most may make you the most vulnerable.

When a Taxi's Liability Coverage Runs Out, Your Quality of Life Suffers

After a cab company's small liability insurance amount has been quickly dissipated after an NYC taxi accident, you are left to New York State's no-fault Insurance system, which only aids a victim's economic losses. You may not have enough in benefits to ensure that your medical providers will treat you. After your initial month or so of treatment, the no-fault insurance company has the right to send their own doctors to "examine you." The objective of these doctors is not to help you recover - it's to report back to their insurance companies and sever you from benefits as quickly as possible. NYC taxi accidents cause a lot of serious injuries and fatalities that often result in the victim or their families losing their job and source of income, painful and expensive therapy or medical treatments, and more. Financial problems are an added burden and stress that no victim should have to face when they are trying to recover from a painful, debilitating injury.

Get Help Before It's Too Late

The moment you become the victim of a car accident, it is imperative you begin protecting yourself by gathering information. If you can, you or someone nearby should take down your driver's name and phone number, the taxicab registration number, and the information of the cab company. Similarly, and if possible, take down the information of the police officer that assists you and any witnesses to the accident. Chances are, the shock of your accident will keep you from being able to do all of this by yourself.

Experienced Brooklyn Accident Lawyers Understand the Process

Calling an accident lawyer is the best way to get help. An experienced Brooklyn car accident attorney at Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices will immediately get to work to help you make sure that you get the treatment and compensation in all the ways you are entitled to by law. The road to your personal recovery and to bringing the cab company to justice will be long and scary if you don't have the right legal assistance driving the process. After you have been in a taxi accident, don't take any more chances.

If you or someone you know has been hurt in an accident, contact an NYC Taxi accident lawyer to help you get the justice you deserve.

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