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How to Determine the Extent of Injuries in a Case

The extent of injuries in a case will determine how much compensation a person is entitled to. Determining the extent of injuries is far from simple, but the following is a guide to how this process works.

When someone is injured in an on-the-job accident, in a vehicle accident, or in a construction accident, a doctor or emergency personnel will usually treat injuries incurred at the moment. It is important for a person to keep records of injuries treated as well as the cost of the treatment in question.

Person with Broken Arm - Extent of Your Injuries

If you feel unusual discomfort in any part of your body after the accident, it is very important for you to see a doctor and have the problem diagnosed. It is not uncommon for a seemingly small accident to give rise to more serious problems that can have a long-term negative impact on your health, well being, and ability to earn a living. Ask a doctor to not only diagnose the problem but also note the likely cause of the problem. The sooner this is done, the better your chances are of getting full compensation for your injuries.

The BHIA notes that anyone who has been in an auto accident should be sure to see a doctor who is specialized in diagnosing spinal injuries. Traffic accidents, even ones that seem relatively minor at the time, have been known to cause serious spinal problems that can be caught right away with a CAT scan, MRI, or diagnostic ultrasound test.

The extent of your injuries alone is not the sole determiner of how much compensation you are entitled to. If your injuries prevent you from earning a living, require you to get training in a new line of work, or make it difficult or even impossible for you to enjoy previous hobbies and/or activities, you can claim further compensation for pain and suffering, loss of employment, loss of body function, etc.

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Getting an accurate, comprehensive medical diagnosis as soon as possible after your accident will enable you to claim adequate compensation and get proper medical care. If you need assistance in this process, Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices is a reputable, experienced law firm that stands ready to provide sound legal advice and representation should the need arise. Contact us today to request a consultation.