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Texting While Driving & Your Rights As a Victim

A driver’s reaction time can be reduced by 35% or more when he or she is receiving, sending or reading any text message while operating a vehicle. In an effort to keep roadways safer and prevent accidents caused by driver distraction, there is a huge push to make texting on a mobile phone while driving a criminal act. However, not every incident can be dealt with by the police. While distracted drivers have always been a problem on the road, texting while driving (DWT/DWD) is the riskiest type of distraction on the roadway today.

Proving that the other driver is liable for your injuries and damages because they were texting can be challenging. This is because it is difficult to prove exactly what they were doing at the time the accident occurred. Many people turn to an experienced car accident lawyer for the help they need to file a claim seeking compensation for their losses.

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Gathering Evidence

A skilled car accident lawyer can use the law to gather the right evidence to prove your case. This may include gathering eyewitness accounts and obtaining copies of the other driver's phone records to determine the activity of the other driver at the time of the accident, even if every text from their phone has been deleted.

Personal injury cases in New York can either be settled outside of court or may be taken to trial. Texting while driving is considered a serious offense in the state; the distracted driver can possibly be charged with a criminal offense if they caused an accident that injured or killed another.

By hiring the skilled Brooklyn car accident lawyers at Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma, along with any other damages that are a direct result of the incident, such as lost wages or earning capacity. In addition, filing a suit can ensure that the driver is punished for their negligent and reckless actions.

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"Texting While Driving" personal injury cases are fairly new. Because of that, it is important to use a successful law firm that has a comprehensive understanding of New York law in this specific type of car accident case. A skilled distracted driver accident attorney can serve as a legal representative and provide counsel and advice while seeking compensation through the court system. The attorneys at Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices will aggressively pursue your case through relevant evidence and show how the texting accident impacted your life and future.

Irresponsible driving behavior needs to be stopped. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident because of another driver's negligence, contact us today. Hablamos Espanol.