Person on the floor

Slip and Fall Accidents in NYC

Slipping and falling is no joke.

In fact, some lawyers take such cases so seriously they even represent themselves. For example, prominent attorney Sanford Rubenstein slipped on a wet floor and fell down in the same New York building where his law firm is located. As a result of the accident, he tore the lateral and medial meniscus in his knee, an injury that has resulted in a knee brace at minimum and the possibility of surgery down the road.

“Unbeknownst to me, there was a maintenance person moping the floor but there was no warning sign," Rubenstein told the New York Daily News on October 24, 2013. In response, he is suing the owners of the building for unspecified damages, a suit that arrived on their doorstep only 13 days after his October 3 fall.

Slip and fall accidents at public venues are in the news lately too: recent legislation in New York aims to limit such suits by disallowing cases involving people wearing bowling shoes outside. Because of changes in smoking laws back in 2003, which no longer allow people to light up indoors, bowlers are increasingly stepping out in their slippery kicks. This has resulted in an increase in slip and fall litigation, and legislation hoping to put a stop to them by warning customers not to go outside without putting on street shoes. Many attorneys are against such legislation, however, citing a violation of rights.

Situations ripe for falls may take many other forms as well. One is a wet floor after mopping, especially when no one puts up a sign to alert patrons of the danger. Another is wet drainage grates and manhole covers, which become largely frictionless when wet, reducing traction. Worn or torn spots in carpets and walkways can also result in accidents, as can unintentional spills and drips. Unfortunately, sometimes the owner of the building will claim not to have been responsible.

This makes it important to know your rights. Especially in the old buildings that populate New York areas like the Bronx, hazards like these are relatively commonplace. If you suffer an accident and need help or advice, contact an attorney like those at Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices. They can help you understand not only your rights, but those of the responsible party and other issues that may affect your case.