3 Smart Reasons to Seek Compensation after a School Bus Accident

Millions of kids hop on schools buses each morning, fully expecting to make it to school and back home without incident. Unfortunately, despite extensive driver training and protective roadway laws, collisions involving school buses continue to occur, putting kids, other drivers and bystanders in danger of serious injury.

In Brooklyn, a recent accident involving a school bus and a minivan resulted in multiple injuries, including the driver and passenger of the minivan. Because of the size and weight of school buses, injuries sustained in these accidents often cause a lifetime of pain or lasting disabilities.

If you or a loved one is hurt because of the negligence of a school bus driver, you should seek immediate legal assistance from a law firm that is experienced in these types of cases. The attorneys at Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices have recovered millions of dollars from school bus accident related injuries, including compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills and disability. You need the assistance of an aggressive Brooklyn bus accident law firm to represent you against the insurance company's legal defense team. Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices will immediately conduct an investigation, interview witnesses, gather evidence and prepare your case so that you concentrate on your healing.

Pain and Suffering

An experienced bus accident law firm like Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices will help your recover a fair monetary award for your pain and suffering. Pain and suffering caused by the physical and mental impact of the collision takes a serious toll on the victims. Compensation can help the victims work through the distress and anxiety incurred from the accident. There is never a fee for consultations –we only receive our legal fees when we obtain a monetary award for you!

Medical Bills

Under the complicated laws relating to motor vehicle accidents, there are strict time limits to identify appropriate parties and file papers so that your medical bills will be covered. We will prepare the paperwork for you and there is never an extra charge to file out and file forms.


If you are medically determined to be unable to work because of your injuries, we will help you apply for disability payments to cover your expenses while you are recuperating. Many workers in New York are entitled to 80% of their wages while they are disabled from working. If your accident occurs while you are on the job, we will also help you apply for workers compensation. Those suffering severely disabling injuries may need to file for permanent disability benefits and our attorney will advise you accordingly. There is never an extra charge for our services relating to your disability benefits.

Finding a Lawyer

After suffering an injury in a car accident, it is important to seek immediate legal representation from a Brooklyn bus accident attorney who can ensure that your rights are protected. The insurance companies have their own teams to defend them-you need qualified attorneys who can guide you. The experienced Bus Accident Lawyers at Koenigsberg and Associates, will fight for the full amount of compensation to you and your loved ones recover from the injuries and distress of a severe accident.