Winter Weather & Driving

Winter Weather Conditions Lead to More Road Accidents

Severe winter weather has been causing major problems on roads throughout the northeast. From pileups to fatalities, icy roads have made driving hazardous. Nine people were recently killed in car accidents across the region due to slippery driving conditions, and many more have been injured in crashes.

These are just some of the accidents that have occurred from driving on icy roads:

  • In the Bronx, 20 cars were involved in an accident on ice-covered roads.
  • Five people were injured when a vehicle rolled over on the slippery Taconic State Parkway in Westchester.
  • Icy roads have caused more than 400 slippery vehicle accidents on New Jersey state roads.
  • An 88-year-old Connecticut woman died in a crash on a wet, icy road.
  • On I-95 in Connecticut, 15 people suffered injuries from a pileup involving 22 vehicles.
hazardous weather conditions road sign

Icy roads lead to a significantly higher risk of accidents, especially if they haven't been cleared or treated with salt. Black ice, which is very difficult to see, is another major ice-related hazard during winter. Roads don't need to be covered in thick layers of ice in order to be treacherous. Even freezing drizzle or light rain occurring in near freezing temperatures can make roads difficult to drive on safely.

Accidents on icy roads happen for many reasons. Some drivers don't realize that they can't drive at normal speeds on slippery road surfaces. Others make critical mistakes from being too nervous about driving in winter weather, or they don't know how to handle their vehicle when they skid or slide on the road. These driving errors can be costly to drivers and passengers in terms of injuries, deaths and vehicular damage.

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