Stay in Touch With Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices

As a personal injury law firm that has helped thousands of injured New Yorkers and their loved ones, Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices is proud to have cultivated genuine relationships with our local communities. From car accidents to construction accidents to cases involving the tragedy of wrongful death, we’ve always placed the needs of our clients at the top of our list. This approach has allowed us to make real differences for those we represent, and to recover millions in compensation on their behalves. Our positive testimonials speak to this.

Aside from our decades of experience, our dedication to our clients and our willingness to work diligently on their cases as if there were our very own have proven to be the driving forces behind our continued success. It is in this same vein that we make sure the community knows we care about their cause, that we’re available whenever they may be in need, and that we’re accessible at all times.

We’ve found that being available 24/7 really can make a difference for local residents – just as we’ve found that maintaining strong ties with various communities can provide the lifeline victims and families need when they need it most. As such, we encourage everyone to stay connected with our team by visiting our blog and other sites across the web for helpful information and news!

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