New York Bicyclist Sustains Fatal Injuries in Truck Accident

On Thursday, December 15, a male bicyclist sustained serious injuries after he was hit and run over by a cement truck in Manhattan, New York. The man was riding down West 55th Street sidewalk when he rode his bicycle into the intersection of 12th Avenue at about 6:45 AM.

At the same time, a cement truck was traveling on West 55th Street and tried to make a right onto 12th Street when the truck struck the bicyclist. The bicyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. The driver stayed at the scene, and the accident is still under investigation.

When asked to comment on the fatal accident, our very own Attorney Paul Koenigsberg of Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices stated:

This sad incident underlines how pedestrians and bicyclists have relinquished control of the streets of New York, which are now controlled by delivery trucks, sanitation trucks, and buses. These vehicles speed through intersections, cut off bicyclists and other vehicles, threaten pedestrians, disregard traffic lights and signs, and otherwise diminish the safety of all New Yorkers. Without stricter traffic laws and better enforcement, these vehicles will continue to cause accidents and grave injuries and death.

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