Common Injuries From Pedestrian Crashes

Doctor in lab coat examining man's knee

Pedestrian accidents account for about 25% of New York City’s annual 228,000 car crashes. Because these incidents are so common, it’s essential that every pedestrian commuter understand that the injuries from these crashes aren’t always obvious. In fact, some of the most common injuries from pedestrian crashes may not show symptoms for days or even weeks!

Lower-Body Injuries

The hood of the average car is at about waist level for most people. For that reason, car accident tends to cause injury to the lower body. This usually means fractures and broken bones in the legs and pelvic area. In a severe crash, this can even result in a compound fracture requiring an ambulance and immediate medical attention.

Head Injuries

Those struck by a car are often pushed back due to the force of impact, fall down, and hit their heads. Not only does this cause high-impact blunt trauma that significantly increases the risk of a severe concussion, but it can also lead to skull fractures and traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

Internal Bleeding

The blunt force from a car crash can also cause internal, “latent” injuries. The force from a car crash can potentially damage or even puncture organs, resulting in internal bleeding or other complications that may not present symptoms until several days after the crash.

Because each of these injuries is extremely serious and can potentially be life-threatening, it’s critical that those involved in a pedestrian accident seek immediate medical attention, either calling an ambulance or going directly to the doctor’s office from the scene of the crash.

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