While New York operates on a no-fault insurance system, there is a severe injury threshold that would allow you to hold someone else accountable for causing your harm. Unfortunately, many obstacles arise when navigating these situations. One such obstacle is a crash that occurs in bad weather conditions.

While some drivers may blame rain or snow for a crash, some negligence may exist that permits you to take legal action against another person. Here are some ways that negligence may arise and cause you harm.

Failure to Drive Safe for Conditions

Traffic laws apply in most situations, but drivers must consider how problems can arise when rain and snowfall. Even driving the speed limit can be dangerous when visibility is low, and it can lead to many problems. If a driver doesn’t consider weather conditions and speed or drive too closely, it is negligence.

Failure to Maintain

When drivers don’t maintain their vehicles, they are negligent. Defective auto parts can be one issue, but if a driver properly maintains their vehicle, they can identify any problems and make the necessary fixes to ensure safety. Unfortunately, when they miss the issues, they may cause significant problems.

Failure to Give Enough Space

Speeding is one issue that can arise, but even driving too closely to another vehicle may be dangerous. If someone drives too close to you with rain or snow falling, he or she may not stop in time when you approach a red light or traffic.

Far too often, drivers fail to operate safely. They create problems that may lead to you suffering a significant injury. Even in these situations, bad weather is not an excuse. Drivers must consider the conditions and take precautions to avoid accidents.

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