With more than 8 million people and 2 million cars across NYC’s five boroughs, there are bound to be accidents. As we discussed previously, there are more than 250,000 car crashes and 200 fatalities per year in NYC. But that raises an interesting question: Which NYC borough has the most car accidents?

By the Numbers

There are an average of 7000-9000 crashes per month across the city and reporting numbers from the NYPD tell a surprising story. To give a quick overview, here are the estimated crashes from February 2022 across the five boroughs:

  • Brooklyn: 2,367 Crashes (32%)
  • Queens: 1,993 Crashes (27%)
  • The Bronx: 1,336 Crashes (18%)
  • Manhattan 1,227 Crashes (17%)
  • Staten Island: 338 Crashes (4%)

From this, it’s clear that Brooklyn has significantly more car crashes than anywhere else in the city. Not only that, but these crashes are much more severe than those in other boroughs.

Real Impact

In February 2022 alone, six pedestrians were killed in Brooklyn while crossing the street. That’s extremely troubling considering that 2020 had less than 100 pedestrian deaths across all five boroughs. This is a far cry from the goals of Vision Zero which intend to eliminate all traffic deaths across the city.

That raises the question of what needs to be done to reduce these crashes. Manhattan, for example, saw a reduction in crashes when it lowered speed limits and increased mid-block crosswalks. The question is whether Brooklyn should look into similar pedestrian safety options or altogether reexamine the goals of Vision Zero given the current state of our region.

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