Pedestrian-related car accidents are terrible and often fatal, as 131 people died in New York in pedestrian accidents in 2019. Unfortunately, a majority of these accidents are entirely avoidable. And that’s why Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices has gathered a list of the seven most common causes of pedestrian accidents.

1. Unmarked Crosswalks

Crosswalks help pedestrians safely travel across the street, but some crosswalks are marked better than others. As a result, some drivers fail to notice crossers and accidentally hit them.

2. Alcohol or Drugs

Drunk drivers have a hard time staying in their lanes, let alone spotting pedestrians as they cross streets. Potential accidents amplify because most drunk drivers are out at night, where low visibility conditions mask walkers.

3. Distracted Driving

This leading cause of auto accidents unsurprisingly causes many pedestrian-related car crashes. Five seconds on the phone is all it takes for a driver to strike an unsuspecting pedestrian.

4. Left-Hand Turns

While drivers are making left-hand turns at popular intersections, walkers have the same timeframe to cross the street. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to identify crossers and can end up hitting pedestrians at high speeds (especially if they are speeding to make yellow lights).

5. Poor Weather Conditions

Poor weather conditions can drastically impact visibility for drivers, as rain and snowstorms darken the sky and blot out a driver’s ability to see.

6. Lighting

Some drivers forget to turn on their headlights. When this happens, pedestrians are at a significant risk of getting hit by drivers.

7. Traffic Blocking View

Sometimes trucks and other vehicles sit in right-most lanes near crosswalks while unloading goods into stores. While convenient for the workers, it blocks other drivers’ ability to see. Therefore, a person can step out into the street and get hit before a driver has time to react.

Injured as a Pedestrian?

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