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Ridesharing services have become incredibly popular, especially in New York City. While apps such as Uber or Lyft have made commuting easier, they also introduce some unique legal concerns when it comes to accidents and injuries sustained by passengers or other drivers.

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Rideshare Accidents & Personal Injury Claims

Accidents involving rideshare services introduce legal elements that are not found in typical car accidents.

For example:

  • Some rideshare services classify drivers as independent contractors rather than employees, which may lead them to quickly deny injury claims.
  • Rideshare services don’t vet drivers the same way most commercial companies do – nearly anyone can drive for a rideshare company with minimal qualifications.
  • Drivers for services like Uber and Lyft must use smartphone applications to service customers, which can create dangerous distractions on the road.

It is important to note rideshare insurance companies contain clauses that may affect coverage depending on whether a driver is performing a trip through the application.

  • A company’s commercial insurance coverage will cover drivers while they are physically performing trips using an app. For instance, an Uber driver performing a trip is covered by a $1 million liability policy that includes third-party liability and uninsured / underinsured coverage.
  • When an app is off, a driver’s personal auto insurance must cover an accident, as most rideshare companies do not consider a driver “off the clock” when the application is not being used.
  • When the app in on and a driver is available or in between trips, coverage may be provided by a driver’s personal insurance and/or a rideshare company’s contingent liability coverage, which has lower policy limits.

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