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If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, our slip and fall attorneys in Brooklyn at Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices are here to help you pursue the compensation you are rightfully owed. Though common, slip and fall lawsuits are rarely simple, and prosecuting them successfully requires experience and expertise. For more than two decades, we have been winning excellent results in premises liability cases.

Reach out to the experienced and professional Brooklyn slip and fall attorneys at Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices to get the help you need and the compensation you deserve. Call (718) 690-3132 today or email us. We have been serving New York City and surrounding areas for more than 25 years.

We have handled numerous premises liability cases involving the following hazards:

  • Broken stairs or loose steps
  • Poorly lit areas
  • Snow or ice not cleared properly
  • Defective handrail or steps
  • Debris on ground
  • Poorly maintained walking area
  • Store/public area that has dangerous conditions on ground
  • Ripped carpeting
  • Uneven flooring

How Brooklyn Slip & Fall Attorneys Can Help You File a Claim

Proving that a property owner was negligent is often difficult, but our skilled Brooklyn slip, trip and fall attorneys are skilled in representing tenants, workers, and visitors who have suffered a personal injury due to a slip or trip and fall accident.

To win a premises liability claim, or a claim for a defective sidewalk or staircase, the victim must prove either that the defendant created a hazard that led to the accident, or the defendant knew or should have known about the danger and had it removed or repaired. We will work tirelessly to win your case, investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident, interviewing relevant witnesses, and retaining experts.

How Long Will My Slip and Fall Case Take?

Every premises liability claim carries unique challenges and facts that can cause the length of the case to alter. Although it may be possible to get a slip and fall case resolved in just a few months, it may also drag on for several years.

You likely want to have your case over as soon as possible, but it is important to ensure that all stones have been overturned before simply settling. Resolving your slip and fall case may not be a quick process, but we will handle it thoroughly and pursue the best possible outcome available.

We can help you navigate each step of your case:

  • Investigation of the accident
  • Filing of the complaint
  • Awaiting the defendant's response
  • Discovery phase

By working with an experienced New York slip and fall lawyer, each step can be handled efficiently and effectively to pursue the highest possible settlement.

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If you have suffered high medical bills, pain, lost wages, or unemployment as a result of injuries from a slip and fall accident, we can help you get justice. Among the many sizable verdicts recovered for slip and fall victims is a $2.5 million verdict after trial for a pedestrian injured on an icy sidewalk.

We are skilled slip and fall attorneys in Brooklyn with vast experience dealing with negligent business operators and property owners. We have the knowledge and ability to collect evidence against the guilty party and build a strong case on your behalf.

Please give us a call to learn more about how our slip and fall lawyer in Brooklyn can assist you during a free consultation. Call (718) 690-3132.

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Slip, Trip & Fall Accident FAQ

Who is responsible if you slipped on an icy sidewalk?

New York City winters can get icy, and the sidewalks around shops can become hazards. Who is liable if you slip on an icy sidewalk while shopping or just walking by a storefront? According to the NYC Administrative Code, owners, tenants, occupants, and lessees must make reasonable attempts to clear snow and ice away from any sidewalks that are adjacent to their properties. If you slip on an icy sidewalk, then the owner of the nearest property might be liable, not the city.

Can you sue the city for a slip and fall accident?

When a slip and fall accident happens due to the negligence of a city, county, municipality, or government entity, the resulting lawsuit will be much more complicated. Also, most claims filed against a government entity need to be filed within 90 days of the accident, which can fly by in a hurry if you’re dealing with the aftermath of your injuries. Please call us at (718) 690-3132 right away if you slipped and think the City of New York might be liable.

Should you fill out an accident report after a slip or trip and fall?

Creating an accident report after slipping in a store or another commercial property is important because it helps validate that your accident did happen. If no one from the store approaches you to start a report, then you should seek them out. Don’t leave the property until you make an accident report and get a copy of it unless you have to leave for urgent medical care.

Do you have to sue your friend or family member if you slip at their house?

If you slip and fall due to an uncleared hazard at a friend’s house or a family member’s home, then you might be worried about suing them and taking their money. Don’t worry because this doesn’t happen. You don’t sue them. You file a claim against the policy they bought from their insurance provider. The insurance company is the one that owes you compensation. At the most, your friend’s monthly premium might increase, but that amount could be a fraction compared to the compensation you require to recover.

Do grocery stores have to clean up spilled products immediately?

Grocery store aisles are common sights for slip and fall risks due to all of the liquid products kept on the shelves and freezers that sometimes thaw a bit. When there is a spill in an aisle, the grocery store is expected to clean it up as soon as reasonably possible. Given that a grocer should be aware that there is a constant and relatively high risk of spill hazards in the store, management should have employees walk the aisles near-constantly to identify and address spills. If you slipped on a spill in a grocery store, then there is a good chance you can file a claim for compensation.

Can you sue for a slip and fall accident that happened at work?

If you slipped or tripped and fell at work, and you are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, then you should be able to receive coverage through that policy. Workers’ comp pays for related medical bills, and it can replace some of your lost wages through disability pay if you are unable to work again until you heal. Using or having workers’ comp bars you from suing your employer through a personal injury claim if their negligence caused your fall. However, if your fall was caused by a third party, then you might be able to get workers’ comp while also suing that party. For example, if a third-party vendor entered your workplace and accidentally knocked you over while pushing a dolly, then that vendor’s insurer might have to answer to your injury claim and pay for any damages not provided to you through workers’ compensation.
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