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Bicycling has increasingly become a favorite method of transportation. Ask any cyclist and they will tell you it is an all-around healthy choice – healthy for the environment, healthy for the body, and healthy for the mind. Yet despite the unquestionable benefits of cycling, being involved in a bicycle accident can be devastating.

Our NYC bicycle accident attorneys at Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices are known for their ability to gain maximum payouts for their clients who have been injured in bike accidents. We recently obtained a $1,000,000 settlement after a verdict for a bicyclist who was thrown off his bicycle by a bus.

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Causes of Cycling Accidents

Drivers too often fail to pay attention to cyclists while driving – the cause of most auto accidents involving a bicycle. Like drivers and pedestrians, cyclists have the right to share the road. At Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices, our New York City bicycle accident lawyers help cyclists protect and uphold those rights, which are often overlooked or intentionally ignored by drivers and insurance companies in the wake of a catastrophic bicycle accident.

Insurance companies will try to place blame on the bicyclist no matter what, even when this would clearly be unfair. Bikers are relatively unprotected against physical injury when sharing the road with much larger, faster vehicles. Cyclists are obligated to follow relevant laws, and it is the responsibility of drivers to stay aware and observe the laws governing their vehicles.

Safety Tips for Riding a Bicycle in New York

Prepare for Your Trip Beforehand

  • Equipment check: It is essential to check your equipment before you start. This involves ensuring your helmet is a good fit, and that all components of your bicycle are in proper working condition. Your helmet should be snug but not too tight, and it shouldn’t move more than one inch in either direction when you tug it. Helmets, even if they feel clunky, save lives. It is estimated that helmets could reduce your risk of a head injury, such as a concussion, by as much as 60-80%. Therefore, you should wear a helmet every single time you go out riding.
  • Bicycle inspection: You also need to inspect your bicycle to make sure all the gears are working, and that the brakes are in good condition. Your wheels may also need to be aired up. Just like your helmet, your bike should be a good fit for you, and it should not be too large or small. Riding a comfortable bike can increase your safety because you will be able to focus on what is happening around you instead of thinking about how uncomfortable you are. You also will be less likely to fall off or lose your grip while riding.
  • Route plan: Whether you are riding to a park or going downtown to meet friends at a restaurant, it is important to map out your route ahead of time. If possible, use roads that do not have a lot of traffic, and if you do go into heavy traffic, always make sure you are going in the right direction on one-way streets. By planning your route in advance, you can be prepared and know where you are going, which can let you avoid heavy traffic and focus on the road.

Make Your Presence Known While on the Road

Bicycles are small and difficult to see, especially at night. You should always wear bright and reflective clothing and try to make eye contact with drivers around you before making a turn to increase your visibility. You should have a headlight and taillight installed on your bike. You should also install reflective lights on your wheels.

By law, you must have a bell installed on your bike. This bell can alert drivers to your presence, especially in heavy traffic when you might not be as easy to see. By making your presence known to others on the road, you can help avoid an accident and stay safe on New York City streets.

Obey All Traffic Laws

The state of New York has various laws regarding bicycling. As a bicyclist, you are not allowed to ride on the sidewalk. If necessary, you can dismount your bike and walk with pedestrians on the sidewalk, but you must always use marked bike lanes when riding through the city. Furthermore, you must never have earbuds or headphones on both ears. To be aware of your surroundings, you are required to have at least one ear free to listen to the sounds of traffic. This is particularly helpful when you need to pull over to let emergency vehicles pass by. If you have both ears listening to music, you won’t be able to hear horns or other warning signals to avoid a collision.

New York City streets can be difficult to navigate. There are one-way streets that may confuse bicyclists. By law, you must not ride the wrong way down a one-way road. This is extremely dangerous and may cause a head-on collision. It is important to pay attention to street signs and to use common sense while riding in the city.

Additionally, you should obey all traffic laws, such as:

  • Stopping at red lights and stop signs
  • Using hand signals when turning or stopping
  • Yielding the right-of-way at intersections
  • Staying within your designated bike lane

For More Information, Contact Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices

Statistics often show that bicycle accident victims who had proper legal representation received higher settlements than those who did not. Don’t let your rights be set aside by a stubborn insurance company. Stand up for yourself as a victim and a cyclist by demanding the justice you deserve. We can fight to get you the maximum settlement in your case.

Our firm’s lawyers and staff strive to help injured clients throughout the recovery process, which often requires extensive medical treatment and costly rehabilitation. We have a comprehensive understanding of the laws governing motorists and bikers. Whether your accident was due to a negligent driver or dangerous conditions, we are prepared to bring you justice.

Our bicycle accident attorneys in NYC can be trusted to thoroughly investigate your case and pursue utmost compensation from the responsible parties, no matter where your accident occurred in New York. The lawyers at Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices have more than 25 years of legal experience and a reputation for excellence.

Please give us a call today to learn more about our high-quality legal services during a free consultation. We handle a wide range of personal injury cases.

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