E-scooters have become a popular way to get around the city. They offer the maneuverable, lightweight mobility of a bike, but in a smaller size and without the effort of pedaling. However, many New Yorkers unknowingly put themselves in danger while riding e-scooters. To help prevent crashes and keep riders and pedestrians safe, we’ve put together these 3 crucial e-scooter safety tips.

Use Both Hands

Taking your hands off the handlebar is one of the most dangerous things you can do when using an e-scooter or a bicycle. If you don’t have both hands on the bars, you’ll have significantly less control of the scooter, especially if you need to make a quick maneuver to avoid road hazards. As a general rule, you should keep both hands on the handlebar at all times and avoid eating, drinking, or using electronic devices while riding an e-scooter or bicycle.

One At a Time

E-scooters are meant to hold one passenger at a time. Most have a weight limit of about 220-265lbs, depending on the model. If you exceed the weight limit, you could overload the motor. This will not only make handling more difficult, which makes a crash more likely, but it significantly increases the risk of the vehicle failing and endangering you, your passenger, and anyone else around you.

Put It Away

The rules of distracted driving or bike riding apply to e-scooters as well. While riding an e-scooter, you should put your phone away. You should also avoid listening to music while riding. As we discussed previously, not only is music a big distraction but wearing overhead headphones or having buds in both ears is unlawful and could result in a traffic ticket.

Remember that e-scooters may seem small and light, but they can cause the rider a great deal of injury if an accident occurs, especially when moving at top speed. Be vigilant of your surroundings at all times and follow best safety practices when riding an e-scooter. It just might save you from a terrible injury.

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