Ambulettes differ from ambulances because they are not designed to transport patients who require immediate care. Ambulettes are not typically retrofitted with medical equipment like ambulances are.

Ambulette Benefits

Ambulettes are a wonderful option for patients who require transportation to medical facilities and do not need treatment along the way. The following is a list of all the benefits of using an ambulette:

  • They are cheaper than ambulances. Even if you have good insurance coverage, taking a ride in an ambulance can still cost you thousands of dollars out-of-pocket. Since ambulances are required for emergency medical services, it is common for out-of-network vehicles to be called upon. When that happens, patients are responsible for high costs that insurance providers do not usually cover. While it is possible to negotiate these costs, it is not easy to bring the price down.

  • They can be wheelchair accessible. Many ambulettes include liftgates that allow wheelchair-bound patients to access the vehicles without getting up from their chairs. However, not all ambulettes are retrofitted with liftgates, so it may be necessary to request this feature when making an ambulette appointment.

  • They are available at all times. Ambulette services are available 24/7, 365 days a year. It is important to note that the associated costs vary depending on the time of day, day of the week, and day of the year. The most affordable times to take an ambulette are weekdays during regular business hours.

Ambulette Drawbacks

Ambulettes are not perfect for everyone in every situation. The following list includes information regarding some of the negative aspects of ambulettes:

  • They don’t feature medical equipment. Ambulettes are not retrofitted with emergency medical equipment like ambulances are. This doesn’t make them ideal for patients who are in need of immediate medical services.

  • They may still be expensive. Even though ambulette rides cost significantly less than ambulance rides, they are not typically covered under most insurance plans. However, patients who require ambulette services often may purchase a non-emergency medical transportation insurance plan to help cover these costs.

  • You must make an appointment. Most ambulette services require that patients make an ambulette appointment 24 hours in advance. This means that you will have to plan out your ambulette ride. While it is possible to make a same-day appointment, this is not ideal as it can diminish the service quality to patients.

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