Numerous fatalities involving school bus accidents occur every year where innocent children are killed and thousands are injured, sometimes in a blink of an eye. New York City and the Bronx are especially affected during snowy winters. These school buses serve as the major form of transportation for our children and it’s vital that an accident attorney protect the victims and hold the negligent parties responsible.

School Bus Accident Statistics

According to the NHTSA or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 25 million children use 474,000 school buses to travel to and from the schools annually. Since 1990, around 1,450 people have been killed in school bus accidents. Out of this figure, 25 percent were cyclists or pedestrians. Tragically about 27 students die in school bus mishaps annually, 7 of which are bus passengers, while the other 20 are pedestrians.

Approximately 8,000 children are injured in school bus accidents annually. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics reveals that 17,000 children are treated in hospitals due to related accidents. Forty-two percent of the total injuries were crash-related, and a quarter of this has occurred while the kids were either boarding or leaving their school buses. At Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices our Brooklyn personal injury lawyers are deeply committed to proving a safe environment for school children throughout New York City.

Why School Bus Accidents Happen

We represent victims of the following situations:

  • Children are injured when they slip and fall while going up or down the school bus stairs
  • Falls caused when bus drivers step too hard on the brakes or turn too sharp in corners
  • Due to negligence of the school bus driver, kids are struck by passing motorists while attempting to get in or after leaving their school bus
  • The school bus strikes a pedestrian
  • The school bus collides with a vehicle injuring the passengers
  • Stopping at unsafe bus stops
  • Opening the door of the bus to allow a passenger to get in or out before oncoming vehicles have stopped
  • Stopping at a point which has a low visibility to coming motorists

Our Attorneys Protect Children

A study conducted involving 36 parents of school children who were victims of school bus accidents found the psychological impact registered a high level of post-traumatic symptoms. This was also associated with vulnerability to general psychological distress. The trajectories of the symptoms indicated that 2 psychological processes can be involved in long-term psychological effect to trauma.

The financial damages to the parents of injured victims should include the cost of necessary medical treatments or surgery, rehabilitation medical costs, and other financial burdens.

Safety Tips for New York School Bus Drivers During Winter

As parents of school children, we trust our children to school bus drivers for safety, reliability and efficiency. This is especially true during winter months when harsh weather conditions can cause school bus accidents. Here are some driving tips that drivers of New York City school buses should follow:

  • Drivers should not forget turning the headlights of the bus including the body clearance lights when visibility is not clear
  • When the road is wet and icy, use low beams and brake smoothly to avoid skidding
  • Drive slowly and beware of congested roads to avoid school bus accidents
  • Use defrosters as necessary to clear the windows and windshield in order to have a good visibility
  • Be careful when approaching stop signs and traffic lights
  • The right driving distance to other vehicles should be 3 to 9 times higher during wet or winter season than during dry season

An accident involving a school bus is difficult to resolve. Parents need the help of the lawyers Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices to represent them and their children when an accident occurs. You can be assured of excellent representation because they are highly experienced in pursuing cases related to bus accidents.