New York law does not require that adult cyclists wear a helmet, and so many NYC cyclists choose to go without one. But is that the right decision? At Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices we believe there’s a very good reason why cyclists should wear a helmet.

Protecting Yourself

The benefits of wearing a bike helmet can’t be overstated. According to a decades-long analysis by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) bicycle helmets reduced the risk of a serious head injury by about 60%. Moreover, about 80% of cyclists who were fatally injured in a crash were not wearing a helmet.

It’s clear that helmets save lives. They reduce head injuries, protect against skull fractures, and can redirect an impact that might otherwise injure your face. Remember that a good number of bike crashes involve someone going over the handlebars and going face-first into the road. Yet many cyclists are reluctant to wear helmets, citing their years of experience on bikes.

Changing Demographics

Not everyone is an experienced cyclist. Even those with years of experience riding the bike lanes can be caught off guard by an unexpected accident. As more miles of bike lanes are added to NYC, more people are willing to buy a bicycle or rent one for the afternoon.

As the number of cyclists is increasing, so too is the number of cycling fatalities. While training is a big part of this equation, it can only go so far toward preventing the crash itself. When a crash inevitably happens (sometimes due to circumstances beyond the cyclist’s control), wearing a helmet can mean the difference between life and death.

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