Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or renting a bike for the day, it’s important you follow the rules of the road. However, many NYC bike riders don’t realize there’s one thing they’re doing that’s putting themselves and those around them at great risk of a crash: wearing headphones.

Distracted Riding

Bikes share the road with cars and are bound by many of the same rules. Distracted driving (or in this case cycling) is just as serious a concern for bike riders as it for people driving cars. Listening to music while riding is distracting, especially if you have the volume turned up.

Even though listening to music doesn’t cause you to look away from the road or take your hands off the handlebar, it’s still a cognitive distraction. That means it draws your mental focus away from cycling as you focus on the beat or sing along. If the music is especially loud, you may miss warning indicators that could prevent a crash, such as squealing wheels or someone yelling at you to stop.

It’s the Law!

Not only is listening to music while riding a bike distracting, but it could also be against the law. In New York, cyclists on the road are not permitted to wear earbuds in both ears or have their ears covered with overhead headphones.

While wearing an earbud in one ear is permissible under the law, remember that it is still a distraction and could cause you to lose focus. The best thing you can do is remain vigilant, constantly scanning the road and the sidewalks for hazards that might lead to a serious crash.

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