Thanksgiving is known for three things in America: feasts, friends, and family. Bringing everyone together under one roof for a delicious meal is a great way to connect with those you have not seen in a while, as well as share thanks with those you see each day.

In order to keep all of your guests happy and healthy this Thanksgiving, you’ll want to know about five common holiday hazards ahead of time, though, so you can do what you can to avoid them.

  1. Food poisoning: According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Thanksgiving Day turkeys should be cooked to an internal temperature of 165° Fahrenheit after cooking in an oven set at 325° F or higher. Use a cooking thermometer to check the temperature accurately. You also need to know how to safely thaw your turkey before cooking. Otherwise, your hungry eaters could be exposed to dangerous bacteria, such as salmonella.
  2. Choking hazards: Stray turkey bones can also be a serious danger on Thanksgiving. You can serve your turkey shredded or cut into smaller pieces to make it easier to identify a piece of bone. Small children should always be supervised when eating turkey. It is also good practice to have at least two people among your guests who know how to perform the Heimlich maneuver correctly.
  3. Deep cuts: Carving a freshly cooked turkey can also be dangerous if you are not comfortable with using sharp cutlery. Only adults should be allowed to carve and serve turkey at your Thanksgiving gathering. You may also wish to purchase a pair of cut-resistant gloves, which can help prevent severe lacerations in case an accident does happen.
  4. House fires: During the holiday season, house fires around the country typically uptick. Decorating with scented candles is simply too pleasant. However, you must never place a candle near anything flammable, like a curtain or upholstery. Candles should also be extinguished whenever the room they are in will be left unattended. Even if you’re leaving a room for 60 seconds, blow out all candles. You can always relight them if you wish.
  5. Car accidents: Holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and others are also marked by a rise in car accidents. People leaving holiday parties may be prone to losing track of how much alcohol they have consumed, increasing the risk of drunk driving accidents. Others might be running late for holiday dinner, driving recklessly to try to make up for lost time. Remind all your guests to give themselves ample time to drive the distance to your home if you are hosting. Ensure they will be saved a plate of their favorite fixings, too, since that is what Thanksgiving is all about.

From all of us at Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices in Brooklyn, we wish you and your family the best Thanksgiving holiday this year. We also want to take this time to say we are thankful for everyone who has helped our law firm grow throughout the years, including both our staff and our clients who have placed their cases in our hands. Thank you!

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