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In the past few years, New York City residents have seen a large increase in the number of Ambulette vehicles driving through the streets of the City and transporting passengers on medical or personal trips. These wheelchair-accessible vehicles are operated by both private companies and the New York City Access-A-Ride program. Were you hit by one of these ambulette drivers? Unfortunately, your situation is not exactly unique. Ambulette accidents involving services like Access-A-Ride have become frustratingly common for New York residents.

To make matters more frustrating, some ambulette accidents are caused by underqualified drivers who probably shouldn’t have been behind the wheel of an ambulette in the first place. If you’re hit by an unqualified ambulette driver, does that affect your claim in any way?

Requirements to Be a NYC Ambulette Driver

In New York, ambulette service companies must obtain a Paratransit Base License (PBL) before they make their services available to clientele.

Whether a driver is hired by a private ambulette service company or Access-A-Ride, they must earn a Paratransit Driver License (PDL). This specific license allows a driver to legally give nonemergency transportation to passengers with disabilities or chronic health conditions.

To qualify for a PDL in New York, a driver must:

  • Be 18 or older
  • Have a Class A, B, or C license from the DMV
  • Owe no fees to the DMV or Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC)
  • Complete a defensive driving course and earn a certification
  • Have 5 or fewer points within the last 15 months on their license

Why Qualifications & Licenses Matter

The requirements to become an ambulette driver are important for several reasons, including establishing liability for an ambulette accident. An ambulette driver who does not have a valid or current Paratransit Driver License will have a much more difficult time defending themselves from accusations of causing the crash. Of course, not having the correct driver’s license does not prove that someone is the cause of an accident they are in, but it certainly doesn’t help their position.

If you are working with an experienced ambulette accident attorney, then they should know how to investigate the ambulette driver’s background and driving history. This is just one of the important items that your experienced ambulette attorney will investigate. In addition, your attorney may need to question witnesses and police, as well as visit the location where your accident occurred.

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