There are new laws that allow for the private use of electric bicycles and scooters, but there are still many issues that need to be figured out. Of course, there’s the focus on safety and the potential for accidents that may occur involving these vehicles.

Speed may play a factor in the possibility of an accident, and it can involve either the speed of the electric bicycle or scooter and the speed of the passenger vehicle. It’s important to recognize how the speed of the electric bicycle or scooter can impact a crash.

The Top Speed of E-Bikes and Scooters

With the new program in New York and the legalization of e-bikes and scooters for private use, there are regulations regarding top speed. These vehicles can reach just 20 and 25 miles per hour respectively. While this is great for riders on the e-bikes and scooters to avoid reaching significant speeds, the slow speed can be dangerous when other drivers approach the smaller vehicle.

Slower speeds can be safe, but if a driver in a passenger vehicle is negligent, the slow speed can lead to an impatient or speeding driver crashing into the e-bike or scooter.

The Impact of a Crash

While the slower speed of an e-bike or scooter makes for potential lower impact, if the accident is the result of a passenger vehicle driver’s negligence, the speed of the scooter or bike may not matter. The impact can still be significantly damaging when a driver is negligent.

Unfortunately, the lower speed may not minimize the number of accidents that arises. In fact, if drivers don’t respect electric bikes and scooters, it can result in many crashes. Safety must be a top priority, and drivers should recognize their responsibilities to keep all individuals on the road safe.

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