The new program legalizing the electric bicycles and scooters for private use throughout New York city has created a new method for individuals to travel throughout the city. Of course, there are rules and regulations regarding the use of these electric vehicles, but there are some issues that may also be involved.

While the program refers to electric bikes and scooters as a safe alternative, they don’t completely prevent negligence. There are rules for those riding electric bikes and scooters, but with many drivers on the road, it doesn’t eliminate negligence completely, and there are still things that drivers must do to keep peace on the road.

Drivers Must Respect Others

Much like with motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians, drivers on the road must respect all others, including electric bikes and scooters. It’s vital for drivers to give enough space, ensure they’re not speeding, and follow all laws on the road.

There are specific ways for riders on electric bikes and scooters to maximize their safe operation on the road. Riders should avoid any vehicle which appears to be driving erratically. Riders should anticipate that vehicle drivers will have less visibility of smaller moving objects and allow generous space while riding. Riders should have lights and reflective gear installed when operating at night. Of course, drivers must give the respect necessary to prevent the riders from feeling threatened, taking the necessary precautions to follow the laws and more.

Drivers Must Follow Laws of the Road

Drunk driving, distracted driving, speeding, and drowsy driving are some of the biggest issues on the road that cause auto accidents. Even the new program with e-bikes and scooters are at risk because of these negligent actions.

In order to keep riders safe, drivers must take the same precautions they do for all vehicles on the road. This means following the laws of the road and avoiding any negligent and reckless actions that can cause an accident, especially when you consider the potential dangers involving these smaller vehicles with no protection.

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