Many people find the idea of dealing with the legal system to be unappealing on all levels. This is because they believe pursuing litigation or going to court is nothing but a headache-inducing waste of time, one which won’t produce legitimate results. After an accident caused at the hands of another, you are likely overwhelmed with expensive medical bills and pain and suffering from your injury. This is the least opportune time for you to fight with insurance adjustors for the money you deserve–which is why it is vital you enlist a Brooklyn personal injury attorney who will determine the best course of action for you. Whether your particular situation can be resolved with a claim or instead demands a lawsuit, we at Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices can help.

The Pros & Cons: Lawsuit vs. Claim

One of the major benefits of filing a lawsuit is you may win a much larger sum than you anticipated. Always remember, insurance companies are focused on making you relinquish your rights to sue. They fear your lawsuit will result in a massive verdict, much larger than the one you were initially offered. However, this also means a lawsuit may have an opposite effect and generate very little, even nothing at all in some situations. even after copious amounts of time and evidence.

Filing a personal injury claim removes the need for court at all, and instead relies on negotiations between your legal team and the insurance adjuster. As expected, your first few offers will deliberately be lower than you deserve. Nonetheless, insurance companies do not want your case to appear in front of a jury and will attempt every tactic possible.

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