All throughout New York, individuals are looking to various alternatives that can be used for traveling. While there are many great options, it’s crucial for you to recognize how you can stay safe whenever you’re using any of these alternative options.

Here are some of the various vehicles you may consider and what you need to know about staying safe.


Of course, motorcycles are and have always been a popular option. However, they’re also potentially dangerous because they’re much smaller than other passenger vehicles, and they’re easy to miss in blind spots and around the vehicle.

As a motorcyclist, it’s vital for you to ensure you are staying as visible as possible on the road. This means staying clear of blind spots, wearing bright clothing when riding at night, and following all laws of the road.

Electric Bicycles

Electric bicycles are growing in popularity, especially with the recent bills passed that legalized electric bikes for personal and private use. More and more companies are requesting permits for operating the electric bikes, and while they’re relatively safe, more of them on the road means more traffic. While drivers on the road adapt, it can create potential problems and an increase in crashes.

Electric Scooters

Much like electric bicycles, electric scooters are growing in popularity. People are unsure of how they are regulated, whether to ride them on the streets or sidewalks, and other issues. It’s vital for all riders to make sure they’re staying visible and following rules to keep themselves and pedestrians safe from harm.

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