An ambulette is a non-emergency medical transportation vehicle that is typically used to transport patients who do not require medical care. Ambulettes are commonly utilized for disabled individuals and others with medical conditions like stroke.

Ambulettes do not typically feature life-support services, which is the main differentiator between them and ambulances. Instead, ambulettes include support equipment such as wheelchairs to help patients in and out of the vehicles.

Ambulette Benefits

You should call an ambulette instead of an ambulance if you require non-emergency care. If you are not in immediate medical danger, utilizing an ambulette may be the best option for you. These vehicles are a good option for people who are disabled since most ambulettes have a wheelchair-carrying capacity. Similarly, many ambulettes also feature hydraulic lifts for patients who are wheelchair-bound.

You may utilize an ambulette even if you require assistance. Limited medical personnel are authorized to help while in transit, but personal assistance is typically only available upon request. Ambulette service employees usually provide assistance by opening and closing doors, repositioning wheelchairs or any other medical equipment, and helping patients walk. Assistants also clear deterrents that could impede the patient’s safety and provide support to patients while they go up and down the stairs.

It is worth noting that patients who do not medically require assistance may not qualify for physical aid.

The Best Time to Call

Since most ambulette services charge fluctuating rates depending on the day of the week and the time of day, patients stand to save money on weekdays during business hours. Avoid holidays as the rates on these days are the most expensive. If you are unsure whether your ambulette ride will be fully covered by your insurance policy, you may want to utilize these services when the least expensive rates are available.

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