Motor vehicle accidents can be jarring experiences. After an accident, it’s essential to know who to contact for support and information. The team at Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices is here to outline the steps a person should take after a motor vehicle accident to ensure their safety. Always remember, the key thing to do is to stay calm and collected.

1. First Responders

After a motor vehicle accident, it is crucial to contact first responders first. First responders are trained to deal with the aftermath of an accident and can provide critical care. They will also be able to secure the scene of the accident and prevent further injuries from occurring.

In addition, first responders will be able to provide witnesses with statements and collect evidence from the accident scene. As a result, contacting first responders first after a motor vehicle accident is crucial to ensure that everyone involved receives the care and attention they need.

2. Insurance Company

After you have exchanged insurance information with the other driver, the next step is to contact your insurance company. It is critical to do this as soon as possible after the accident, as insurance companies have time limits for filing claims. Give your insurance company as much information as they need so they can begin the process of determining who is at fault for the accident.

3. Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

The third person you should contact after a car accident is an attorney, as they can help you get the compensation you need to recover from your injuries. While your insurance company may cover a good portion of your car’s damage, they may not provide enough to get you the care that you need. So if you have been involved in a car accident, don’t hesitate to contact our personal injury attorneys at Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices as soon as possible.

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