Imagine being involved in an accident and needing to go through the process. You think you have everything figured out, but then you start running into countless obstacles with the insurance company(ies) trying to pay you very little for the injuries you have sustained.Unfortunately, insurance companies are often hoping that claimants don’t have legal representation so they can take advantage of their rights. Before you think you can handle a claim on your own, you should know what benefits you get by hiring a lawyer to help you.

Understanding of the Law and Process

Having a lawyer prevents you from encountering some of the problems associated with the process such as the insurance company wrongfully denying a claim on bad faith. You’ll have knowledge of liability involved and what it is needed to prove it, as well as the damages you may be entitled to.

Many questions arise when filing a claim or lawsuit, so having someone there to answer those questions can be very beneficial to your peace of mind, as well as to your pursuit of compensation and justice.

Resources You May Not Have

Filing a claim or lawsuit is complex, and there are situations where additional resources are necessary for evidence. For instance, you may have trouble obtaining police and medical records that can give an idea of what happened at the scene of the accident and who is responsible. Our firm routinely has investigators review the accident location, vehicles involved and take statements from witnesses.

Also, the pictures you take can be used by an accident reconstructionist to determine the extent of damage and angle at which the accident occurred. This may help you show that the other person was responsible for the crash and should be held accountable if your damages are excessive and you suffered significant injuries as a result of their negligence.

At Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices, we believe in providing our clients with the utmost attention and care as they go through this difficult time. It is our goal to help our clients understand their rights, protect those rights, and move forward after an accident.

You can count on our Brooklyn car accident attorneys to stand by your side in every matter of the case. From discovery to trial, we’re determined to help you pursue compensation and justice.

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