Injured in an Accident? Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Trust the Insurance Company

After an individual is involved in a car accident, their first reaction may be to work with an insurance company in order to recover financial compensation in the shortest amount of time possible. Although this may be the quickest way for a person to recover monetary compensation, it may not always be the wisest option. This is because many insurance companies do not always look out for the best interests of car accident victims.

To help you understand, our Brooklyn car accident lawyers have listed the following four reasons why you should not trust an insurance company before contacting experienced legal representation:

1. Insurance Companies Like to Use Accident Victim’s Words Against Them

In most cases, an insurance company will contact a person involved in an accident in order to prove that the person was at fault for the crash. To do so, the insurance company may ask the driver how they are feeling, whether they have experienced pain, and more. In addition, they may try to get the person to admit the accident was their fault. By doing so, they can minimize the person’s accident claim and thus, the amount of compensation they can receive as well.

2. Insurance Companies Often Demand Needless Independent Medical Examinations

An insurance company may request that a person undergoes a medical assessment or examination from certain doctors. Oftentimes, an insurance company will select physicians that are willing to justify why the insurance company is denying an accident victim compensation or medical treatment.

3. Insurance Companies Stall In Hopes that Accident Victims Will Give Up

Because insurance companies understand that a car accident victim may be in a hurry to receive necessary medical attention right away, they know that many of these victims will be willing to settle quickly. As a result, an insurance company may offer a person involved in a collision a small settlement, knowing that the person will ask for more. At this point, the insurance company may stall so that the person will settle for the smaller amount.

4. Insurance Companies Provide Accident Victims with the Smallest Settlements Possible

It is important to remember that insurance companies function as businesses. As a result, their main goal is to remain profitable. For this reason, many insurance companies train their adjusters to identify reasons they can use to deny the claims of accident victims. If they are unable to completely deny a person’s claim, they may try to offer the smallest settlement possible in hope that the person will soon give up and settle for a small amount of compensation.

Call a Brooklyn Car Accident Attorney Before Trusting the Insurance Company

If you were involved in a vehicle accident and believe another person should be held liable for your injuries, we encourage you to contact a Brooklyn car accident lawyer from Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices as soon as possible. We can examine your case and the accident and determine which strategies can help you obtain maximum compensation for any medical bills, physical pains, or emotional stresses you may have acquired as a result. Because these types of cases are time-sensitive, it is crucial that you call us right away.

To discuss your case, contact our team or fill out a free case evaluation online. We are backed by more than two decades of experience.

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