Tragic Limousine Accident Claims 20 Lives

“Deadliest Transportation Accident Since 2009”

In early October, a limousine carrying 17 passengers plowed into an intersection at high speed, hitting two pedestrians and crashing into a parked vehicle. All 17 passengers, the limo driver, and the pedestrians died due to multiple traumatic blunt force injuries. According to news reports, the limousine – a modified 2001 Ford Excursion – was hired to drive the 17 passengers to Cooperstown for a surprise birthday party.

Robert Sumwalt, chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, called the accident “the most deadly transportation accident in this country since 2009.”

Limousine Safety Regulations

Reports indicate that the Albany-based limo company, Prestige Limo, failed to pass safety requirements in a recent state inspection, and did not have proper federal certification.

The owner of Prestige Limo now faces charges for criminally negligent homicide.

Limousine operating companies that operate on interstate and international transportation routes are subject to heightened state and federal safety regulations. Vehicles that are modified into stretch limousines must also comply with strict safety and maintenance regulations, particularly because limo passengers generally do not wear seatbelts.

According to national accident data from 2012 through 2016, seatbelts were not used in 11 out of 12 limo fatalities. This danger was compounded by the fact that the crashed limousine, like many others, had no airbags whatsoever.

While the accident is likely to invite public demands for increased safety standards, industry experts point out that rigorous regulations for limo services already exist. They argue that instead of imposing additional regulations, government agencies should focus on effectively enforcing current standards.

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