During the holiday season, family and friends gather together to exchange gifts, eat delicious food, and celebrate special traditions. If you have guests coming to visit, it is important to take steps to increase their safety. Slip and fall accidents, as well as fires and electrical hazards, can cause injuries.

Here Are Some Tips for Accident-Proofing Your Home During the Holidays

1. Consider Your Holiday Décor

While holiday decorations are festive and bright, they can pose a fire hazard to you and your guests. Make sure all decorations are away from open flames, such as fireplaces, stoves, and candles. Furthermore, you should water your Christmas tree daily to prevent it from drying out, as dry trees are extremely flammable. By taking precautions with your decorations, you can help protect your guests from a dangerous fire.

2. Consider Your Walkways

Clutter in and around your home can create tripping hazards for your guests. Before they arrive, you should put away all objects, such as toys and shoes, and check to see if your outdoor walkways are also free of clutter. Overgrown bushes or vines, as well as holiday decorations that are placed over portions of your walkways, could cause your guests to trip and fall. It is important to clear off all walkways in and around your home to increase the safety of your guests.

Passionate Representation for Injured Clients

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