When discussing motorcycle injuries, proper protective gear is always necessary. ATGATT is an acronym used by many safety-conscious bikers and stands for All The Gear, All The Time.

After all, it’s not if you go down, it’s when.

Common Motorcycle Injuries

Due to the nature of motorcycles, riders have a high chance of serious injuries or even death when involved in accidents. The following injuries are commonly associated with motorcycle accidents:

  1. Head injuries – these injuries can include minor to drastic concussions, brain damage, or a cracked skull which can cause the rider to die.
    • Approximately 1,872 lives were saved by wearing helmets in 2017, and an additional 749 lives could have been preserved if all riders utilized helmets. It is important to keep in mind that not all helmets are created equal, and riders should only wear helmets that are U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) certified. You’ll know if your helmet is DOT certified because it will feature the DOT symbol on the outside of the back of the helmet.
  2. Road rash – these injuries occur when riders’ bodies skid across the pavement and the skin is stripped. These injuries are not just cuts, scrapes, or bruises, but are much more serious as they can prompt permanent damage like infections, skin irritations, or external nerve impairment.
    • Avoid road rash by keeping all skin covered with heavy-duty clothing while riding. In addition, wear durable footwear that covers the ankles and tough gloves to protect your hands and wrists.
  3. Muscle mutilation – these injuries can occur anywhere on the body as a result of a crash.
    • Prevent muscle damage by wearing the aforementioned protective clothing. You can also wear a chest protector, wrist guards, elbow guards, and knee guards to protect some of your prominent joints, bones, and muscles. In addition, you may want to wear earplugs that allow you to hear what’s going on around you, but muffle the amplified sound of high winds.
  4. Biker’s arm – these kinds of injuries occur when bikers are projected from their motorcycles. It is human nature to spread out the arms when involved in an accident of this type, which can cause nerve damage in the arms.
    • Protect your arms by wearing the clothing and guards described above.
  5. Leg afflictions – the bones in your legs, knees, and feet have a high chance of being shattered or fractured when you are involved in a motorcycle accident.
    • Wear the protective clothing mentioned above in order to reduce your risk of leg injuries during a crash.

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