In a car accident, there is always the potential for a significant and often catastrophic injury to occur. Unfortunately, far too often, these injuries do happen and the negligent party should be held fully accountable for their actions.

Recognizing the potential injuries that can occur is important to pursuing medical treatment. Also, the severity of the injury can help determine the compensation to which you may be entitled following the accident. Here are some of the common injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents.

The Injuries and their Effects

  • Traumatic brain injuries: Many people think that their skull has to make contact with a part of the vehicle to cause serious trauma. However, all it takes is a jolt that rattles the brain inside of the skull to cause a concussion, brain bleed, or tissue bruising.
  • Neck and back injuries: These types of injuries are particularly common in rear-end collisions when whiplash occurs and creates a jerking movement. The sudden force backwards and forwards and twisting can cause serious pain, and if it is severe, the nerve connections and spinal cord may be damaged as well.
  • Broken bones: In many motor vehicle collisions, the force of the impact can cause broken bones. The most common broken bones include arms, legs, ribs, and sternum.

There are some situations where other injuries can occur such as spine injuries, burns, amputations, lacerations, and bruising. It’s important to get medical help immediately to ensure that you receive the proper attention and treatment.

We’re Here to Help

Our Brooklyn car accident attorneys at Koenigsberg & Associates are here to help you throughout the entire process with your rights in mind. We want to assure that your medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, physical therapy, and other expenses are claimed and covered. We will seek fair compensation for your pain and suffering and for compensation for your future losses and suffering.

Let us be your voice and help you hold the negligent party fully accountable for their actions. We’ll go the extra mile to protect your rights and get you through this difficult situation.

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