A disturbing trend related to construction site injury is leading to more and more people becoming hurt on these job sites in New York City. In fact, from 2013 to 2014, NYC construction accidents resulting in injuries rose a startling 13 percent. The best course of action for victims in these cases is seeking the counsel of injury lawyers to help them navigate the legal system and be fairly compensated for their injuries and suffering.
Injury caused by construction in NYC affects both construction workers and pedestrians who happen to be in the area when an accident occurs. From July 2013 to June of 2014, 211 New York City people were injured by construction accidents, and there were six deaths. From July through December of 2014, there were 125 injuries and four deaths.

Both Construction Workers and Pedestrians Affected

While construction workers are aware of the risks associated with the work they do, they expect a minimum amount of safety protection when on the job. Also, pedestrians who are injured often have found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. A 37 year old Philadelphia woman died recently after being hit by plywood that had fallen from a site on West 12th Street as she walked past a construction site for a new luxury condo building. She had been engaged to be married in just four months.
While pedestrian fatalities from NYC construction accidents are relatively rare, injuries seem to be becoming more and more common. Falling glass, cars hit by planks and spilled concrete have all posed hazards for New York City pedestrians in recent years. In fact, sixteen persons who were injured in 2014 were involved in accidents of these types.

Falling Materials and Workers Most Prevalent Cause of Injury

The vast majority of construction injury and accidents occur when workers fall and hurt themselves. In some scenarios, construction workers can simply lose their footing while on a ladder or trip over material at the site, resulting in a fall and an injury. In other cases, the construction workers have been working on faulty or improper ladders or scaffolds that have been provided to them; in still other cases, the site is not set up in compliance with the current laws governing workplace safety. Injury lawyers can assist with navigating the specifics and rights in each case.

The second most prevalent cause of construction site injury is when equipment or materials fail. Breaking glass, electrical accidents and collapsed scaffolding or flooring are just a few examples of this type of accident. Another injury type can occur from accidents or malfunctions with construction equipment. For example, in the past year there has been an uptick in the number of crane malfunctions and collapses, causing numerous severe injuries.


Injury Lawyers Offer Assistance

New York City construction accidents seem to be on the rise, and the effects can be traumatic and life changing. If you or someone you know has suffered a construction injury, injury lawyers can assist in making sure victims receive fair compensation. Be sure that the firm you hire has a successful track record in recovering substantial awards for victims of construction accidents.

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