The Benefits of Using The Bike Lane

Bike lanes are becoming more popular in cities looking for ways to cut down on road congestion — and in New York, you’ll see many bicyclists on the road every day. Designated lanes for cyclists create a safe way for people who ride for fun or prefer biking as a method of transportation. Here’s how bike lanes can keep everyone on the road safer.

How Bike Lanes Keep Cyclists Safe

Bike lanes are typically located between the sidewalk and the road, and they are clearly marked with paint or signage. By keeping cyclists separate from cars and trucks, bike lanes reduce the risk of collision. They also help make cyclists more visible to drivers, making it easier for drivers to yield and give cyclists the right of way. In addition, bike lanes can encourage more people to cycle, which can help to reduce traffic congestion. For all these reasons, bike lanes play an essential role in keeping cyclists safe. However, read on to learn the possible threats to cyclists in bike lanes.

Potential Threats in the Bike Lane

The bike lane creates a buffer between cars and cyclists, resulting in fewer accidents on the road. However, accidents can happen through obstructions in the bike lane, such as blocking and dooring. Here’s an explanation of each of these threats:

  • Blocking – Parking in a bike lane blocks traffic flow and puts cyclists in danger. While bikes are different from motor vehicles, both still constitute traffic, and blocking or parking in traffic lanes is illegal.
  • Dooring – This refers to when a vehicle car door is opened on the side of traffic obstructing a bike lane. It’s essential to remember bicyclists are granted the same rights and duties applicable to a vehicle driver.

To reduce the risk of injury, be aware of your surroundings and potential threats on the road.

Involved in a Bicycle Accident? We Can help.

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