Any driver can cause a severe injury whenever he or she is driving while fatigued. Unfortunately, drivers in large commercial vehicles can cause even worse damage because of the size and speed at which these trucks travel. These trucks can cause some of the most catastrophic and fatal injuries when drivers are not taking the proper precautions on the road.

Federal Regulations

In the trucking industry, there are federal regulations designed to help keep individuals safe on the road. Unfortunately, there are many situations in which the federal regulations are either put on the backburner, or a national emergency suspends them or prevents adequate enforcement of these regulations.

First, we’ll talk about situations in which truck drivers ignore federal regulations. The Hours of Service rules prevent truck drivers from working more than a specific number of hours (working and driving combined). However, as truck drivers try to meet strict deadlines, they may be encouraged to drive longer to reach their destination.

There are also situations like the one experienced because of the coronavirus pandemic. The federal regulations regarding Hours of Service were lifted for truck drivers carrying essential products. As a result, drivers were able to work much longer than they should have, presenting numerous dangers on the road.

Why This is Such a Danger on the Road

Commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds under the federal regulations. They’re also on highways traveling speeds up to 55 miles per hour. This combination can cause some of the most devastating collisions on the road, and those in smaller vehicles can suffer long-term damages as a result.

As essential as truck drivers and these companies are to the economy, it’s crucial for them to keep safety in mind. When they don’t, and they cause you injuries, you have the right to determine the negligent parties and what legal action you have.

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