Helmets Are Not Required

Fiction. Helmets are required for riders and passengers in the state of New York. This also goes for any Class A or B moped. Look out for the US DOT sticker to find a helmet that complies with state law. The people at the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) put together a great resource for finding a helmet that fits all of your requirements—you can find it here.

Wearing Leather Can be Helpful

Fact. Wearing leather while riding a motorcycle can reduce the risk of injuries in the event of an accident. Leather is a durable material that can help to protect the skin from abrasions and burns.

In addition, leather clothing specifically designed for motorcycle riders is often equipped with padding in key areas, such as the knees and elbows, which can help to absorb impact and reduce the severity of injuries. While no one likes to think about being involved in an accident, wearing leather can help to give riders peace of mind knowing that they are better protected in the event of a fall.

Streets Are Safer Than The Highway

Fiction. Most people think that highways are the most dangerous place for a motorcyclist to be. However, regular streets can be just as dangerous – if not more so. The speed limit on a highway is usually higher than on the street, meaning drivers have less time to react to a motorcycle.

On the street, there are more obstacles, such as parked cars, pedestrians, and stop signs. This can make it difficult for a motorcyclist to be seen by drivers. In addition, the surface of a street is often uneven, which can cause a motorcycle to lose control. As a result, motorcyclists need to be extra cautious when riding on highways and streets.

I Need a Class M License to Operate a Motorcycle

Fact. A Class M license is required to operate a motorcycle in New York. With a Class M license, an operator is entitled to drive any motorcycle, including mopeds and motorized bicycles. The license also allows the operator to carry passengers on their motorcycle.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

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