Far too often, individuals assume they understand how to file a claim after an accident and think it’s something they can do on their own every single time. While there are claims that can be handled alone, some people don’t realize that New York is recognized as a no-fault state.

“No-Fault” means that there will be insurance coverage to pay for medical treatment for injuries sustained regardless of the fault of the party injured. This is separate and apart from the claim for pain and suffering that the injured person can make against the insurance of the party who caused the accident.

Filing a claim for no fault benefits must be done within 30 days after an accident. Our law firm will handle the entire claim process for you, including identifying the insurance of the negligent party and notifying that insurance also. Very often, your own car insurance pays the no fault benefits in the first instance, but can claim them back from the “tortfeasor” (party who caused the accident).

Even though you have an insurance company, remember that they do not represent you and only they will pay benefits required under your contract of insurance.

In all instances you should consult with an attorney to help you file the correct no-fault claims with the right companies, and to fill out the forms properly.

How Do I File Against the Responsible Party’s Insurance?

In addition to having your attorney file your no fault claim, your attorney will pursue your right to compensation in a third-party claim or lawsuit. Our firm will act quickly to identify the correct parties, file paperwork and provide aggressive representation for your claim.

Anyone who suffers significant and debilitating injuries in a motor vehicle accident in New York should consult an attorney to take legal action against the negligent party.

At Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices, we want you to fully understand your rights and options moving forward. You deserve to have the maximum compensation available to get you through the process without having to worry about what comes next.

Because your rights matter, our Brooklyn car accident attorneys work diligently to build a strong strategy on your behalf. Let us help you whether you need to file a claim with your insurance company or go after the negligent party. We’re here for you.

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