First responders already have a dangerous job as it is having to deal with emergencies like car accidents, shootings, and health scares. The last thing these brave individuals need while they respond to a call is worrying about distracted drivers who fail to slow down and pull over so emergency vehicles can safely pass.

Drivers who allow themselves to be distracted by things like their cellphones and radios can end up causing a dangerous situation if they fail to yield to responders on the way to the scene of an accident or another type of emergency.

The National Safety Council and the Emergency Responder Safety Institute released a report that revealed 71% of drivers in the U.S. admitted to using their phones to take a video or picture of an emergency vehicle they see while driving. More than half of the survey respondents admitted that they make social media posts or send emails while they are driving. While 89% said they believe distracted driving is a serious safety threat to first responders, 49% believe that the risk of being hit by distracted drivers is just “part of the job.”

The next time you get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, remember that avoiding distractions can save the life of a first responder. If you want to really honor a first responder for the dangerous work they do to serve our community, put your phone and other distractions away before starting your car.

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