New York is known for so many things, but today, we will focus on one: walking. It’s said that the average New Yorker walks anywhere from two to five miles daily, which makes it easy to close that exercise ring.

While the exercise is good, walking everywhere leads to busy street corners, and the clamor can lead to distracted drivers. Unfortunately, this sets the stage for pedestrian accidents. However, pedestrians injured in car accidents can recover damages if they follow the right steps.

Get Info on the Driver

It’s difficult to recover damages if the driver pulls away before the injured has a chance to identify him or her. Therefore, pedestrians injured by drivers should do everything they can to gather the evidence they need to make a claim. If a driver does hit-an-run, a license plate and car make and model should be enough to go on.

Go to the Hospital

It’s nearly impossible to earn damages if injuries are off of the record. Therefore, visiting a medical practitioner is crucial because a hospital visit cements a person’s injuries on paper.

Talk to a Brooklyn Personal Injury Attorney

While you can file a claim through insurance, most companies will offer you lowball settlements or otherwise attack your request. Therefore, if you or a loved one suffers injuries at the hands of a negligent driver, it’s a good idea to talk to an award-winning personal injury firm about your case.

A personal injury attorney can:

  • Help file the right paperwork;

  • Defend against insurance scams; and

  • Fight for just compensation.

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