According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), accidental
drownings result in more than 3,500 deaths each year in the United States.
This is equivalent to about 10 fatalities per day. Children under the
age of 14 are at high risk of injuries and death from swimming pool accidents.
Even non-fatal drowning accidents may result in
brain damage and serious disabilities.During the heat of summer, many people enjoy taking a refreshing dip in
the pool to escape the heat. While pool parties are a great way to have
fun with family and friends during summer, they also pose a safety risk,
especially to children. We want you to be informed of some ways you can
stay safe while enjoying a fun time at the pool.

Swimming pool safety tips include:

  • Always supervise children. Supervision is key to protecting your kids in the water. For children under
    4 years old, you should always be within arm’s reach while swimming.
    Adequate supervision by a responsible adult will help keep everyone safe.
  • Teach your kids to swim. One of the best ways to increase the safety of children is to teach them
    basic swimming skills, such as treading water and dog paddling. Once they
    take formal swimming lessons and become more comfortable in the water,
    they will be less likely to suffer injuries in a swimming pool accident.
  • Use the buddy system. Going swimming alone is never a good idea. If something happens, there
    needs to be another person with you to get help. That is why it is important
    to teach your kids to always have another friend or family member with
    them while swimming, and to always swim in an area that is monitored by
    a lifeguard, if possible.
  • Don’t trust pool toys for safety. Pool toys, such as floating mattresses, may seem like safety devices. However,
    they are slipper and unstable. Your kids may slip off the pool toys or
    lose their grip and fall into the water. Thus, even with floating toys,
    you should always supervise your kids to prevent serious injuries.
  • Exercise caution in the pool area. Walking instead of running around the pool area can help prevent slip or
    trip and fall accidents. Furthermore, it is important to only dive in
    a designated location. Using common sense and being cautious can go a
    long way in protecting everyone at the pool.

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