Nothing is going to seem normal for a little while after being in a car accident. But is it normal to feel dizzy or a little weird?Before we take a closer look into why you might feel dizzy or unusual after a car accident, please let us remind you to see a medical professional as soon as possible if you were in a crash that might have caused a head injury. Only a medical expert can diagnose your symptoms and determine the true cause of your dizziness or discomfort.

Why You Might Feel Dizzy After a Crash

Dizziness is often caused by a disruption to your equilibrium, which is controlled by a liquid-filled channel in your inner ear. However, unusual changes to your blood flow can also cause this sensation, especially if that change affects your brain.

Blunt force trauma, such as what you might suffer in a car accident, can damage blood vessels in your head and face. As the blood flow is disrupted due to the damage, it can cause you to experience a dizzy spell. Even minor car crashes with no serious injuries can cause this dizzy effect. A whiplash injury to your neck can also create these symptoms.

If the dizziness is persistent or enough to cause coordination problems, then you should seek urgent care immediately. It could be the first sign of a dangerous brain injury.

What is a Post-Traumatic Headache?

If you are feeling “weird” or uncomfortable after a car accident, it could be a symptom of post-traumatic headache. Although most post-traumatic headaches cause painful symptoms like a migraine, many are only noticeable due to a telltale weird feeling, like something is incorrect but you can’t figure out what.

Post-traumatic headaches don’t always form immediately after a crash, either. It is quite common for it to take several hours for an accident victim to feel strange or a dull ache. It is also common for one or more days to pass before the symptoms begin. A full week can even pass before the first signs of a post-traumatic headache form.

As with a feeling of dizziness, if your “weird” feeling does not dissipate soon after it begins, then you should arrange to see a doctor as soon as possible. To be safe, you should also see a doctor if you have any headache after a crash, whether it is severe or not.

Save Your Medical Records & Test Results

If you are in pain or discomfort, a trip to the doctor after a car accident is a good idea for a few reasons. Most importantly, to help preserve your health. If you do have symptoms, the medical provider will document these symptoms.

Make sure you inform your physician that you were in a car accident and they should add it to their notes, as well as their opinion regarding the severity of your injuries. Insurance companies love to argue that a claimant’s injuries are fake, exaggerated, or preexisting if there is no medical record that correlates to the accident.

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