Liability in a bus accident will depend highly on the cause of the accident. Considerations will be taken regarding who was at fault and whether any mechanical or other issues could have caused or contributed to the accident. Usually, if the driver is found to be liable, then the company responsible for operating the bus also faces liability.

An attorney experienced in liability cases will conduct an investigation, talk to witnesses, review police statements and obtain records from the bus company in order to get a better idea of who was liable and what compensation is appropriate for any injuries resulting from the accident.

Who Is Liable In a Bus Accident?

Bus travel can be a convenient and economical way to travel, whether it is a short distance ride, or a group transport such as school bus, tour bus or handicapped bus. But the vast number of buses operating crowd our city streets and highway, resulting in daily, unfortunate accidents. Knowing who is liable in the event of a bus accident is an important factor for anyone who is injured in a bus accident including bus passengers, vehicle passengers, pedestrians and bicyclists..

In pursuing your injury claim, your attorney will consider such factors as failure of the bus driver to obey traffic rules, speeding, overtired drivers, untrained drivers, mechanical failure, alcohol/ drug involvement or use of cell phones while operating a bus. In addition, the bus owners must ensure that bus drivers with poor driving and safety records are not permitted behind the wheel of their buses.

How Do I Prove Liability After a Bus Crash?

After a bus crash, you may wonder about the best way to prove liability. An experienced attorney will know how to obtain video or photographic evidence of the scene which is always helpful and can provide valuable insight into how the crash occurred. Interviewing witnesses from the scene is another key tool that can be used to help prove your case. Your attorney will also conduct a full investigation into the bus driver’s history and driving record and have an opportunity to take the bus driver’s sworn statement under oath.

Your attorney will also conduct a review of records related to the crash such as police reports, repair logs and maintenance records which are also important pieces of evidence in proving fault in a bus crash case. Ultimately, it is important to work with experienced legal professionals who have experience handling bus accident cases so that you have a better chance of recovering damages for your injuries.

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