New York City is home to a thriving construction industry. Because the
city is proliferated with construction sites, cranes, and other heavy
machinery, many believe there should be tougher standards to protect the
safety of workers and the general public. Others, particularly companies
and contractors who profit from construction, don’t necessarily
agree with the added costs of increased safety measures. On Tuesday, both
sides squared off during a hearing with the City Council Housing Buildings
Committee over 21 bills pertaining to construction safety.Known as the Construction Safety Act, the package of bills was designed
to stem the steady increase of fatalities on construction sites across
the city – from 17 in 2011 to 25 in 2015. Some of the key points
in the act are as follows:

  • The Act includes six bills that concern the use of cranes. This includes
    laws that require operators to phase out old cranes when they’ve
    been in use for a certain period of time, mandatory installation of GPS
    devices and data loggers on cranes, requirements to have a trained lift
    director onsite whenever a crane is in use, and laws that prohibit the
    use of cranes when winds or gusts exceed a certain mph.
  • One provision will require city officials to keep more precise records
    of construction site incidents that result in victims being hospitalized
    or killed. Current records revealed that the city does not accurately
    keep track of deaths in the construction industry.
  • The act includes measures for increased safety training among construction
    companies and their employees, including requirements for workers to complete
    OSHA’s 10 hour program.
  • Because many
    construction accidents – especially fatal accidents – involve falls, the Act includes
    provisions that would mandate better guardrail and safety netting standards.
  • A bill included in the act would target construction companies considered
    habitual offenders with multiple safety violations, and impose tougher
    enforcement and penalties, including suspension from performing work in the city.

As a firm that has represented many victims injured in construction accidents
throughout New York City, Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices supports
efforts to make construction sites safer for workers and the general public.
However, even when there are laws and regulations in place, victims can
still be injured as a result of negligence and shortcuts taken by companies
that place profits over people. Fortunately, injured victims have rights,
and our firm is here to protect them.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a construction accident
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