No one expects to suffer injuries when crossing the road, yet research from multiple sources shows that pedestrian fatalities spiked in 2018. Let’s look at some statistics concerning pedestrian fatalities in the United States.

Pedestrian Fatality Statistics in the United States

Death resulting from a pedestrian accident reached a nearly 30-year high in 2018 at 6,227 deaths. In 2017, the total was 5,977, which means there was a 4% increase in traffic fatalities from 2017-2018. 23 states saw declines in pedestrian fatalities in the first half of 2018, which means 27 states saw increases in pedestrian fatalities.

The 2018 pedestrian fatality total represented 16% of all traffic deaths in 2018, a 4% increase from 2008’s percentage (12%). This increased percentage is arguably due to a decrease in driver and passenger fatalities resulting from advancements in motor vehicle safety and technology.

Now that we’ve looked at statistics at the national level, let’s examine New York City’s pedestrian fatality facts.

New York City Pedestrian Fatality Statistics

In 2019, NYC Open Data states that 131 pedestrian fatalities occurred in New York City. Interestingly, although the spike in pedestrian fatalities in 2018 at the national level, New York City’s 2018 fatality total was the lowest it’s been in five years.

Here is a five-year review of pedestrian fatality totals in New York City, marked from highest to lowest:

  1. 2016: 148 fatalities;
  2. 2015: 133 fatalities;
  3. 2019: 131 fatalities;
  4. 2017: 127 fatalities;
  5. 2018: 121 fatalities.

Injured as a Pedestrian?

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