There are many occupations that face an increase in potential dangers. However, there are also some that can be dangerous simply because of the actions of the employee. As popular as ridesharing has become, this is one of those industries that can pose numerous problems on the road.

Aside from distractions and driving in unknown areas, rideshare drivers are also at an increased risk of drowsy driving when they rely on weekend jobs to increase their pay. The late night rideshares are potential cause for concern, putting others at significant risk.

More Rides, More Problems

As many rideshare drivers can attest to, the weekends are some of the busiest times for the industry. People are going out more on weekends, drinking and having a good time. This causes an increase in activity for rideshare drivers, especially into the later hours of the night.

The more people who need a ride, the longer the rideshare driver will work because they want to make money. However, without proper sleep, those long and late-night hours can become a big issue rather quickly.

The rideshare driver, even with enough sleep, is susceptible to causing a crash as a result of drowsy driving when he or she either falls asleep at the wheel or loses concentration. When a rideshare driver is negligent, it puts themselves and others at risk. Whether you are a passenger, another driver, a pedestrian, or a bicyclist, you can suffer significant injuries as a result.

Rideshare Drivers Work Longer Into the Night

Rideshare drivers often spend more of their time working later at night as more people rely on them after a night out. Unfortunately, this can lead to more fatigued drivers, especially when the rideshare driver has another job that takes up more of the day.

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