Accidents involving scaffolding and ladders are among the most common workplace
accidents in the United States, and they injure and kill numerous Americans
every year. In fact, statistics released by the U.S. Occupational Safety
and Health Administration (OSHA), mark scaffolding and ladder accidents
among the most common types of injury-causing incidents in a wide range
of workplaces. Falls, falling objects, and collapses involving scaffolding
and ladders also account for a considerable number of
construction accidents.

While scaffolding and ladder accidents are common in the workplace, they
can happen anywhere and can injure anyone, including victims at their
homes or pedestrians and passerby who find themselves near construction
sites or other work sites where scaffolding and ladders are being used.
Because these pieces of equipment present considerable dangers to everyone,
our team at Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices wants to provide
some information about reducing risks of preventable accidents. We are
also available to help victims and families learn more about their legal
rights following these types of accidents during a FREE case review.

Preventing Accidents

Scaffolding and ladders are two of the most prominent pieces of climbing
equipment used for individuals and workers in construction or repair of
a residence or building. As a result, the risk of accidents on scaffolding
and ladders is commonplace. Frequently, an employer or manager that provides
unsafe, inappropriate or damaged scaffolding or ladders to the worker
creates an elevated risk for injuries, and they can potentially be held
liable for the damages victims suffer.

Living with Ladders

Ladders are long and lightweight, and they may provide very little stability
for the climber. In the instance of windy conditions outside or when the
flooring under the ladder or the wall against which the ladder is placed
is uneven, an accident may occur. Such accidents may also occur when there
are not enough workers to set-up and / or brace the ladder. Proper bracing
of the ladder is crucial, since once the worker is engaged in physical
activity, the stability of the ladder may be severely affected. Frequently,
in the case of a ladder accident, injuries are severe since the person
is likely to fall from a height that would result in significant physical injury.

Scaffolds in Construction

Scaffolds use platforms sometimes connected by poles that allow a person
to climb and work on construction, renovation, or repair of a building.
Some of these scaffolds are erected so they are on the side of a building
providing a raised platform for an individual to move around on while
working. Scaffolds are frequently set up and taken apart in a hurry, and
the failure to construct them properly can lead to unstable or uneven
working areas, thus subjecting workers and others nearby to potential
harm, especially since work is typically performed from heights.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving scaffolding
or ladders, the next step is to explore your legal rights and whether
you may have a case for financial compensation with the help our personal
injury attorney at Koenigsberg & Associates Law Offices. Our firm
has recovered millions in compensation for the injured, including victims
injured in construction accidents. For example, we recently secured
$5.75 million on behalf of a worker who seriously injured his spine after falling from a ladder.

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