The long Fourth of July weekend has finally arrived! Many people are getting
ready to spend time with friends and family eating, drinking, and having
fun. No matter what you have planned, Koenigsberg & Associates Law
Offices hopes that your weekend is as safe as it is fun. To that end,
we have come up with a list of safety tips to reduce your chances of being
involved in an accident. While we hope you don’t have to call us,
know that we’re here to help you if the need arises. Have a great weekend!

Beach Safety Tips

If your weekend plans include time on the beach, keep the following in mind:

  • Don’t enter the ocean alone – always swim with a buddy
  • Always swim sober!
  • Watch out for marine life – leave water plants and animals alone,
    as they can be dangerous
  • If you become caught in a rip current, swim parallel to the shore until
    you come out of the current, and then swim to shore
  • Never dive into the ocean headfirst, as this could cause injury to the neck
  • Have young children and inexperienced swimmers wear life vests when entering the water
  • Keep alert of local weather conditions

Charcoal/Gas Grill Safety

Having a barbecue this weekend? If you plan on firing up the grill, consider
the following tips:

  • Never use your grill indoors or in any enclosed area
  • Never leave a lit grill unattended
  • Barbecue out in the open – stay away from trees, decks, awnings,
    or anything that could catch fire
  • Supervise pets and children to ensure they don’t come too near to
    your grill
  • Use long-handled tools to prevent your hands from getting too near the flame
  • Never add charcoal starter fluid to coals that have already been ignited

Don’t Drive if You’ve Been Drinking

Unfortunately, many people are injured and killed each year around Independence
Day due to drunk driving. If your festivities will include alcohol, please
remember not to get behind the wheel of any motor vehicle. Take advantage
of ride sharing services, buses, or taxis, or designate a driver to take
you home after your get together. It could save a life!

A Note on Fireworks

Although many people find a way to purchase fireworks around Independence
Day, most of them are illegal in the State of New York, with a few exceptions
in certain counties. Regardless of the laws, it is a good idea to refrain
from purchasing or using fireworks because of the risk of serious injury
they present. Malfunctioning or improperly handled fireworks can cause
an enormous amount of bodily injury and property damage, so it’s
a good idea to skip them.

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