The Thanksgiving weekend is here, and countless individuals will travel despite the current climate. While 2020 is much different than years past, there’s no doubt many vehicles will still be on the road in the days leading up to and after Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, dangers increase on holiday weekends, and Thanksgiving is no exception. Before you take to the road, it helps to consider the potential dangers that may arise and how you can stay safe. Below, you can learn about some of the problems that may arise on the road.

More Drivers

Holidays often mean more travelers, which means road congestion. No matter how safe individuals may feel they are, an increase in drivers undoubtedly means more risks. If you plan on traveling for Thanksgiving, it’s best to avoid traveling on Thanksgiving day and prepare your routes accordingly.

Drunk Drivers

Many people use the holidays as a time for celebration, which may sometimes mean excessive drinking. Drunk driving is one of the most common causes of vehicle accidents, and holiday weekends often experience an increase in collisions involving intoxicated drivers.

Rideshare Drivers and Distractions

Some individuals choose to go through a rideshare company instead of drinking and driving. Unfortunately, rideshare drivers can be just as negligent because they spend between 40-60% of their time distracted by one of the following:

  • Their passengers

  • Scanning the sidewalks for passengers

  • Smartphone notifications for new rides

Distractions are far too common on the road, and many issues can arise in the four to five seconds it takes to even look at a phone.

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